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Facts and figures at the touch of a button

Keeping your finger on the financial pulse of your business is easier said than done. We can provide you with an online accounting system that is easy to use, very affordable and incredibly efficient. It gives you information at your fingertips, and a clear financial picture of your business whenever and wherever you need it.

All its features are focused on how real companies work and on making life easier for those who run businesses. What’s more, it’s so straightforward that you don’t need training to use it.

Company Solutions can work with this system to support you in a range of ways.

If you decide to use the system to handle day-to-day financial processes yourself, we’ll assist you by preparing your year-end accounts. But we’ll also offer ongoing help and advice, answer queries and resolve problems. And we can do this remotely, so you don’t have to spend hours in long and boring meetings.

But we’re also happy to deal with all day-to-day financial matters for you. We’ll prepare regular reports and deal with requirements such as tax returns and year-end reports using the information in the system. What’s more, you’ll still benefit from constant access to the information you need, and from our ongoing assistance.

Our online system, combined with our expert support, offers the perfect solution, whatever your requirements.

Start reaping the benefits

Straightforward and secure

The system is user-friendly and jargon-free, while offering exceptional peace of mind that all your data is safe.

  • Clear and easy to use
  • Accessible wherever and whenever you need it
  • Can be used by more than one person at a time
  • Secure on-line storage for all data
  • Daily back-up of all data
  • More secure than storing data on your own computer
Efficient and effective

With features designed to save you time and money, our system is the ideal way to keep on top of all your financial facts and figures.

  • E-mail reminders of overdue invoices
  • Production of VAT returns
  • Ability to deal with queries quickly, wherever you are
  • Production of invoices
  • Ability to send invoices by e-mail
  • Production of statements of account
  • Easy access to your customer and supplier data
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Efficient credit control process
Clear and comprehensive

Keeping abreast of your business means having all the relevant data at your fingertips, and that’s exactly what our system provides.

  • Profit & loss reports
  • Cash flow reports
  • Export data for further analysis
  • Customer reports showing order values and payment times
  • Measure effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Range of graphs
Proficient and professional

Good customer relations are vital if your business is to succeed, and our system can play a key part in maintaining them.

  • Efficient image
  • Reminder letters for overdue payments
  • List of suppliers and customers