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About Company Solutions

Our aim is simple: to deliver the services you need to take your business forward.

We’ll provide you with the right knowledge and expertise at the right time. Our fully qualified team of specialists can supply advice, guidance and practical help in a range of areas:

  • Accounts & Finance – From advice and training for your in-house staff to fully outsourced services.
  • HR Management – From payroll and paperwork to policies and procedures, including keeping you on the right side of employment law.
  • Corporate Governance – From assistance when you establish a business to acting as your Company Secretary, and much more besides.
  • Employee Share Schemes – From advice on the options to designing and implementing the scheme that’s right for you.

Our skills and know-how can make all the difference to your business, whether you need one-off advice, or on-going, day-to-day assistance.

You’ll find us approachable, flexible, efficient and effective, and we’re committed to delivering the services your business needs in a way that’s right for you.


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